About SmartRide®

Vision and Technology

Founded by an early pioneer in mobile, local search and navigation, today our services include a comprehensive patented system to help users get from A to B in the fastest and most efficient way possible.   Point to point -- or even sometimes 'seat to seat' micro-navigation.   

We first focus on micro-locations -- not just a street address, but much more precise set of sub-locations in and around a property, building or structure.  By combining micro-location information and routing with our sister company's RideStop® network of preset pickup and dropoff locations for ride services, SmartRide can help you get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go, the fastest and most efficient way possible.   We are also focused intensely on the new world of voice, voice search, and voice enabled services, but SmartRide is intended to work the same across all devices and services. 


Our Patented Technology

Built By The World For The World™ 

We believe our patented technology and micro-location services platform will ultimately become a single, universal solution for digitizing and sharing micro-locations and micro-location information and services, including micro-navigation routing in and around parcels and buildings.  This will be immediately helpful for everyone, and our patented SmartAddress®

AddressPlus®, and MicroMap™ technologies are designed to fill a critical void in the micro-location addressing and information infrastructure that is necessary for autonomous vehicles, drones, and devices. 

With over 20 patents issued in the area of mobile, local search and micro-location technologies since our first filing in 1996 and terms extending until at least 2032, we intend to work with all mapping and location service providers to enable a universal cross-service micro-location referencing system that will similar to the DNS for domain names and telephones number for telephones.

Here is a quick summary of our key patent families:

·        1996 Family-  Real-Time Unified Geographic Database (RUGD™) and clearinghouse that is both centralized and disaggregated yet connected in a single system.  See U.S. Pat. No.  8,935,220 

·        ​

·        2010 Family  -- Automatically creating a single string, human readable yet database and device friendly shortcode for any legacy street or postal address, with emphasis on sub-parcel, building micro-locations.  See U.S. Pat. No. 9,372,934

·        ​

·        2012 Family --  Permission-based, privacy centric SmartAddress® system for transforming phone numbers, domain name/URLs, social media handles, email addresses, and biometric attributes into micro-location identifiers and providing owners of such SmartAddress IDs real-time control over if, when, how and who can access what micro-location information through the SmartAddress ID and system.  See U.S. Pat. No.  9,678,986  

Our goal is to develop and deploy SmartPoint's patented technologies, together with other mapping and micro-location services companies to enable the next and future generations of micro-location services, particularly micro-and inbuilding navigation by autonomous vehicles and devices like robotics and drones.  


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Check out our Blog for several articles and stories about how the RideShare, Delivery, IoT and other Micro-Location industries are changing our world; how all of these industries, platforms and services need a new way to create, curate, and share location information, especially the new category of micro-location information; and how our SmartPoint, SmartAddress, RideStop, SmartRide, and AddressPlus, and MicroMap technologies and services will help make that change easier, faster, and better.


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