The Smartest Way to Go®

While RideStop is designed to bring order out of the chaos of finding your Uber, Lyft, or other ride, SmartPoint's exclusive SmartRide® system will ultimately help you find the best ride - the fastest, the cheapest, the most eco-friendly, --- whatever you want!  SmartRide® will help you pick your trip, compare times and prices, select and order your ride.  Because of our preset RideStop pickup and dropoff locations, the SmartRide® system may eventually become the "Kayak for Rides" enabling you to quickly see, compare and select your best ride. 
Combined with our exclusive SmartPoint® micro-locations, it will help you get to your pickup point, and once you are dropped off, answer that often perplexing "Now what?" question.


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Newport Beach, Orange County 92660

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