Revolutionizes Deliveries

AddressPlus® and MicroMap™ Technologies Will Change The World of Deliveries

At SmartPoint, we believe that our patented SmartAddress® technology and system  revolutionize the delivery industry - one address at a time.    By making it easy and enabling anyone to perfect their address and micro-routing delivery and parking directions and always control if, when, how, and who can use that SmartAddress® information, we can eliminate countless, repetitive and time-consuming questions, answers, and misunderstandings like  "Where are you?"  "How do i get there?" "Where do I park?" "Where do I leave the package?" that frustrating "We Missed You!" message from FedEx, UPS or others.  Now the pizza person knows exactly how to get into the apartment complex, where to go to park, what code to enter, what stairway/elevator to take, and which way to turn to get to your apartment.  And 10 minutes after delivery, that information is gone!     It's the Snapchat for locations.


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