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Get Your Own SmartAddress® -The Address of the Future, Available Today

SmartPoint is the exclusive provider of SmartAddress® technology.Buy your SmartAddress® today, shepard it, use it, and we will pay you to keep it current and help save the planet.  Built 'By the World, For the World™" SmartAddresses provide anyone the absolute easiest, best and most efficient way to find and navigate to their home, or anything in the home. We like to say SmartPoint makes it easy to create, curate and selectively share An Address For Everything® --  one SmartAddress® at a time.    By making it easy and enabling anyone to perfect their address and micro-routing delivery and parking directions and always control if, when, how, and who can use that SmartAddress® information, we can eliminate countless, repetitive and time-consuming questions, answers, and misunderstandings like: 

  • "Where are you?"

  • "Where am I?" 

  • "Where is it?" 

  • "How do I get there?"

  • "Where do I park?"

  • "How do i get to your door?" 

  • "Where do I charge my EV?"

  • "Where is the Front Door?" 

  • "Why can't Google (or Apple) Maps get it right?" 

  • "Where do I leave the package?"

  • Or that frustrating "We Missed You!" message from FedEx, UPS or others.  

  • In the future, "Where does the Drone or Robot deliver the package?" 

We want to give everyone total "ownership and control" of their micro-location information and SmartAddress locations,  help keep them private, and make it easy for owners to decide who, when, where and how others can use it, all with one simple, unified system.   

Learn more about the various types of SmartAddress®  names, numbers, and IDs that owners can use to control their personal location information across all systems.  


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