Our Sister Company, Technologies and Related Philosophies

SpeedFind®, BrandFind®, and Veristy™

One of our co-founders was an early pioneer in the mobile, local search, directory and navigation categories.  He founded and launched go2 in 1999, and go2 quickly grew to be the dominant provider of mobile local search and navigation for several years.  Among many firsts for go2, go2 and ESRI delivered the first map on a mobile phone in early 2000, and go2 and AT&T delivered the first GPS-like what' nearby service over a mobile phone in May, 2002.    

Today the SmartPoint team is passionate about the incredible 'utility' and 'informational' value of the Internet.   Yet we are also frustrated that the evolution of the Internet is driven by Advertising, to the point where by default the Internet has unfortunately evolved into a media industry, and has lost its way as a core, social information utility industry.  The Internet is a fabulous media, but it has lost it's way as a core information utility becuase  it is dominated by advertising, paid search, and more and more advertising.  Because the dominant search and other Internet companies have to focus their resources leveraging their dominant market power to track, crawl, log, monitor (creep) on users and to then predict and target advertising maximize their revenues, they have lost their way of making the Internet a core utility for all.   To a certain extent they are victims of their own success, but others need to step up and find ways to add more value to users without selling 'users' to advertisers.   

At SmartPoint we are intensely focused on micro-location addressing, information, navigation, and related services as a user-controlled, core enabling utility to power the next and future generations of micro-location based services.  We intend to be free to end users, ad-free,  and sustained by real estate owners and micro-location services providers. 

For the rest of the internet, however, we have a sister company that intends to change the world of direct search and non-navigational information services.  It's a little known fact that users know exactly what they want for the majority of their searches, yet they are usually provided millions of organic search results buried beneath numerous  paid search results and ads.  Our sister company, SpeedFind®, and it's patent pending BrandFind® and Veristry™ technologies, intend to provide a radical new way to connect consumers DIRECTLY with whatever they want over any device or service (including voice) in a simple universal one-step solution that will be substantially easier, faster, and better for consumers to find what they want, without all of the junk, clutter and noise of advertising and paid search.   SpeedFind shares our vision for much speedier and efficient access to core information.     SpeedFind's mantras are "The Fastest Way to Find®" and "Answers! Not Ads™"  Our related SmartPoint mantras are "The Smartest Way to Go" and 2) "An Address For Everything."

We collectively share common, overarching objective to "Do and Be Good!", which we like to contrast with Google's famous and much touted "Don't be Evil" mantra, which we have always thought was an embarrassingly low objective.  

SmartPoint and SmartAddresses will go a long way to instantly connect users directly with the locations they want, and in that regard SmartPoint and SpeedFind have overlapping missions.  Our companies are unlikely to ever be as profitable as Google or Amazon, but we will never clutter what users want with a lot of junk advertising from competitors, aggregators, and others trying to steal users, and we will always try to help users get where they want to go, or find what they want to find, as quickly, easily, efficiently as possible. 


The Veristry™ Story

The Fastest Way to Find®

Veristry™ and MariMark™ are

Co-founded by an early pioneer in mobile, local search, today we are driven by a desire to do good and be good -- for our customers, our users, our planet, and everyone in between.   

We are just now beginning to offer our smart, innovative SmartPoint, SmartAddress, AddressPlus and MicroMap micro-location services to real estate owner/managers, residents and other occupants to help them take "ownership and control" of the micro-locations and related information in and around their properties, all with a view toward collectively building and shepherding a much better, real-time, micro-location management and information system for everyone to use. 

Why not join our fast growing customer base? Get in touch with us today to learn more about the SmartPoint story, and how SmartPoint can help you help the world! 


SmartPoint® Features

Easy. Elegant. Powerful.

Every SmartPoint location has a unique SmartPoint SmartAddress ID (name, number, random code, etc), and a powerful SmartPoint mobile location page and API access TOTALLY controlled by the creator/owner.   Summarized below just a few of the dozens of optional features and tools available to owners.


Totally Public, Totally Private, and Everything In Between

SmartPoint let's the owner of any location select from a range of privacy options, including who can access and when, the precision of the location (from a pinpoint to a big area), and whether to enable Google and others to crawl, index and display in search results.

Customized Directions

Customer "Last Mile" Directions 


Pinpoint Location Accuracy

Drag and Drop the Pin to Any Location 

Correct any map errors - select map type (satellite, street map, etc.), scale, define and label zones or areas, etc.

One-Touch Sharing

Email, Text, Social Posts, etc. 

Any SmartPoint can be instantly shared with anyone via any medium -- email, SMS, Tweet, Social media post, etc.  Or the SmartPoint SmartAddress link or QR code can be copied and pasted, or just easily typed,  anywhere.  SmartPoint is designed to be universally accessable everywhere -- No APP Required.

Instant Directions, Uber and Lyft Hailing

Google or Apple Maps, Summon Uber, Lyft, or other Rides

SmartPoint provides an instant universal hand-off to other map, ride, and similar services.   One-touch to get live turn by turn directions and traffic on Google (Android) or Apple Maps (iOS), one touch to summon and get time and price estimates on UBer and Lyft, etc.


Provide EXACT delivery spot and instructions 

Whether it is drop and leave authorizations or exact delivery instructions for FedEx, UPS, Amazon, GrubHub, Pizza  or other drivers, or setting the exact drone or robot delivery location, SmartPoint let's the owner specify and provide those exact instructions, including where to park, what stairway/elevator to take, and where to turn.


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