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Introducing SmartRide®

The Smartest Way to Go®


Whether it's Uber, Lyft, Gett, Curb, soon Waymo, BMW, or one of the dozens of other ride services, why can't you know EXACTLY where do you want to be picked up and dropped off, then quickly check the time and price options and select your ride?  SmartRide makes it fast and easy to do so, and likely save 20% (and often more) on your ride.   It adds up to huge numbers over the course of a year, and it helps the environment.   And what if you could connect with others and pool that ride, saving money and REALLY helping the environment through reduced trips?

What if every single rideshare ride had perfect directions and there was almost no wasted time, fuel, or excess pollution.  SmartRide combines with RideStop to not only make it easier for riders and drivers, but to reduce wasted time, fuel, and pollution.     We do this by teaming with RideStop and providing riders and drivers near-perfect directions to/from RideStop locations to eliminate wasted time and emissions.      If we can save 1.5 minutes of time and driving on only 5% of the global rideshare trips, every year we can save 12.5 million gallons of fuel and riders and drivers 45 million hours of wasted time.

SmartRide also makes it easier to pool rides with others and/or find your rides to reduce carbon emissions and wasted driver and rider time.    Soon SmartRide pooling will work with RideStop to create a whole new type of pooling ecosystem which will have an event great impact on reducing carbon emissions. 

SmartRide® will help you find the best pool or single ride  -- the fastest, the cheapest, the easiest, the most luxurious, or the most eco-friendly.  And most importantly, we help you find the best SHARED POOL ride, often with the exact pick up and drop off locations, importantly reducing trips, traffic, and emissions tremendously.   

Our patented SmartPoint®,  AddressPlus®, MicroMap®, and CityPlus™ micro-location technologies help drivers and riders connect more efficiently and help riders navigate to/from the pickup/dropoff location to/from wherever they are starting or ending their travels.   It's the smartest,  and most eco-friendly way to get from A to B. 


SmartRide® is Good For Riders, Drivers, and the Planet

SmartRide enables anyone to find an efficient, low-cost ride from A to B.   Our patented technologies will eventually incorporate our newly patented permission-based face, voice and other biometric micro-location system to power a new, first of its kind, privacy-centric, personalized SmartRide® system.      

Combined with our exclusive SmartAddress® system for addressing micro-locations and micro-routing and our network of RideStop preset pickup and dropoff locations, we expect SmartRide to enable a host of new services and help users save time and money, drivers to make more money, and both to reduce carbon emissions for the planet.


Good for Riders

Easier. Faster. Better. Cheaper. 

SmartRide® provides riders the fastest way to get from A to B and quickly see all available options.  Our partnership with RideStop and SmartPoint provides real-time micro-location information not otherwise available with traditional services.   

Good For Drivers

Easier. Safer. Better.

Using our sister company Ridestop network of pickup and dropoff locations as critical pieces of the A to B equation, Drivers can expect much fewer 'where are you?' questions and wasting time and money finding rides.

Good For The Planet

Every Little Bit Helps!

How much fuel/ carbon emissions would we save if Drivers never (ok, rarely) got lost and had to look for rides.   SmartRide®  uses our exclusive RideStop pickup and dropoff locations that are usually highly visible to riders and drivers, reducing the number of times drivers and riders play there "Wher are you?" game.  SmartRide makes it easy for everyone to quickly find the optimal and most efficient ride from wherever they are to wherever they want to go, saving money, fuel and carbon emissions.  We want to help the plant, one SmartRide™ trip at a time.

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